TIP: Get Record Id Quickly and Easily

I am aware that there are many ways to find a crm record id, but I want to share with you how I locate it. The way in which I find a record id is great for all staff members involved with MSCRM to perform. You don’t need to know SQL or mess around with thirdparty applications! Using this method you will be able to locate the id within seconds for custom and system records.

So to find the id of your targeted record perform the following.

  • Navigate to the record and open it up in the web client.
  • Look to see if you can see the address bar. If not, on the newly opened explorer window press ctrl + n. This will open your current page in a new explorer window with the address bar showing.
Get Record ID Address Bar
Address Bar
  • Within the address bar is your records id. We just need to find it, and finding the Id becomes easy when you know where to look.
  • Starting from the left of the address, scan across until you see id%. Count 2 % after id and after the b you will find the start of your id. Placing your cursor after the b and click drag to the right until you get to the character before the next %. You have now selected the Id of the record! Check the link below

If you are wondering what all the percentage signs are about, its just URL Encoding. Translated the id part stands for &id={254E5BA5-0F25-E111-998C-000C29A2E394} which is what you might be used to seeing in CRM 4


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