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I am a professional full stack developer with many years’ experience in creating and delivering software products. My field of expertise is in CRM, specifically Micorosft Dynamics CRM, and web based technologies. If you are looking for a contractual developer in around the areas below I will be able to help!

Micorsoft Dynamics CRM

MSCRM is a beast and out the box it probably doesn't do what you need it to. The product can be shaped and molded to meet your business needs by customising the product.

CRM Codex can perform these customisations whether they are small tweaks or more in depth development alterations.

Amazon Web Services

Cloud based products are the future and Amazon Web Services provide an extensive set of components and infrastructure which allow you to develop or move your product to the cloud.

CRM Codex can help you get your product on to the Amazon platform.

.NET Development

There is a wide range of applications and components which are powered and extended by .NET. For example CRMs such as MSCRM, Sage, RDB and ACT can be extended through .NET.

If your looking for ASP.NET, MVC, WPF or Window or Web form development CRM Codex can help.

 My Background

My Background

I started out as a .NET developer in the Private Mobile Radio industry working for Simoco. I was part of a team that created the Xfin Blade which at the time was revolutionary. It was claimed to be the first trunked site controller to site on an IP network. Whether thats true or not I have no idea, but I was proud to help create the applications which configured, monitored and produced call traffic statistics on the base stations activity.

After years working in the radio industry I decided on a change in direction and moved into the wonderful world of CRM. Lured in by the glitz and glamour of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. While at TSG i really started to appreciate the variety of development world available for MSCRM developers. I was lucky enough to work on both large scale customer funded projects as well as producing products on the platform. The most notable products produced were Tribe, a membership management system and Traveller, a customer complaints system for the rail industry. I jest but with Traveller being a complaints system, specialising in train delays It was certainly a system which received heavy use ;P

Next stop on the career train was at CloudCall who specialise in offering telephony solutions within multiple CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Bullhorn, Sage, RDB and Act. It felt like I was merging my past experiences and applying it to a single product. CloudCall was easily the most challenging part of my career with such a varied technical team to work with on a multitude of different projects.

Time was short lived at CloudCall, probably through fear of having to maintain legacy php code, or maybe it was that I decided to work for myself on a new product where a gap in the market was identified. I became Co-founder and technical director of a CRM Startup whose product is a true cloud-based CRM which focuses on client relationships through multi-channel communications such as SMS & Voice and NOT CERTAINLY through sales pipelines.

Meet The Team

Awsome code can only be written if you have an amazing team around you
David Cabaniuk
David Cabaniuk
Code Monkey
Emily Cabaniuk
Emily Cabaniuk
Chief Tea Maker
Max Cabaniuk
Max Cabaniuk
Cuddle Monster

Notable Past Products

A developers career is full of all sorts of different odd jobs combined with many evenings just playing around different things. Here you will find the notable things I've been part of. Mainly the business related products. The rest of the time I was probably working on the boring mundane but necessary everyday code changes or breaking my phone by attempting to create games with far too many particle effects.

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