TIP: On the fly Customisations alter Base Customisations

While using MSCRM 2011 you might have noticed the customize tab that allows you to alter the current area you are in on the fly providing that you have security rights to do so. What do I mean by on the fly? Well lets say you were creating a record and noticed that a field was in the wrong place. As you have the relevant security rights you decide to make the change there and then. So you go to the customise tab, select form and make the change. This saved you the time of having to go to Settings, Solutions, select your solution, select your entity, select forms, select the correct form etc etc…

On The Fly Customisations

The really important thing to note on this is that the change occurs within the base customisations. If you normally work with solution the change might not be included in your solution unless it already references the area that has been altered. You don’t really want to be in a position where customisations aren’t brought across from one system to the other when importing and exporting the solution. If this situation occurs it could be a nice little time consumer that you’ll feel like kicking yourself when figuring out what was wrong!

So to avoid this situation I would advise you to always work within solutions and never on the base customisations. Never customise the system through the customise tab (however tempting it maybe) and always go through the solution that you have created. That way you can always guarantee that the changes you make will be included in your exported solution!



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