TIP: Issues Connecting Silverlight to MSCRM 2011

This is one that a lot of people have asked me about over the past few months. I thought I’d throw it out there and warn other people. We don’t want you spending ages trying to connect your Silverlight applications to MSCRM, trying to work out why they are not authenticating and performing their queries correctly. Only to kick yourself when you work out what the problem is! So whats the problem? Simple, Silverlight can’t connect to MSCRM, Whats the solution? Simple, check your bindings in Deployment Manager!

So if you have followed the SDK help down to a tee for setting up a Silverlight application as a web resource and it fails to authenticate this tip maybe useful for you.

Also, if your silverlight application seems to authenitcate most of the time, but fails on occations, don’t rule this tip out.

To sort your authentication issues out all you need to do is make sure that you access CRM with the same URL that is specified within the Deployment Manager. The URL defined is your binding. If you access CRM through a different URL you will experience authentication issues. This is true when you set up claims based authentication as well, its just over https instead.

To validate the binding open up Deployment Manager, and on the right click on Properties. Within the popup select web address tab. If the whole of CRM is deployed on a single box the 4 bindings should be the same. If you access CRM with a different URL, authentication will fail. You can rather adjust your browsing URL to that specified within the binding, or alter the bindings to suit your browsing URL.

Quick Tip

Quick Tip

Don’t YEEEHAAA change the bindings within web address, think about other applications that interface with CRM that might be affected. If in doubt change your browsing URL until you know you can change your web addresses without breaking anything!

Though I’ve never tried it if your 4 bindings are spilt across multiple end points, for Silverlight you will be interested in matching the organisation service binding. This is what you will be using to perform queries, IE IOrganizationService.

Deployment Manager Web Address
Deployment Manager Web Address

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