HOW TO: Adding Multiple Controls to a Form for the same Field

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 there is a new feature which allows you to add the same field to your form multiple times. However, when customising your form for the first time it is not obvious that you can do this. You wouldn’t know about the feature unless you have read the SDK, release notes or someone’s blog on it! Even some people who know about the feature couldn’t work out how to use the feature straight the way!

You see by default MSCRM hides fields within the field explorer that have already been placed on to the form. If you wish to add another control of a field that is already on the form you need to make sure that “Only Show Unused Fields” is unchecked. Once unchecked, you will see all the fields that can be placed on the form in the field explorer list. Including fields that are already on the form!

Now you can just drag and drop your field on to the form as many times as you want 🙂

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