REVIEW: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sitemap Editor

In this review I will be looking at Sitemap Editor that has been released by Microsoft on the Marketplace. The solution for the Sitemap Editor can be found here. Thats right I did say SOLUTION! Unlike the Sitemap Editor for CRM version 4 which is an external tool to CRM, this version allows you to edit the site map from within CRM. I’d like to stress though that this does not mean you have to deploy the Sitemap Editor Solution when deploying a solution that has had its sitemap editted.

Lets see what Microsoft have to say about this product…

Microsoft Dynamics CRM SiteMap Editor provides a quick and easy way for users to update the site map through a user interface within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Users will be able to immediately see the updated navigation pane when they publish the customizations. Users can use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SiteMap Editor to edit the different elements of a site map XML and their corresponding attributes. There is also a drag-and-drop capability which allows the user to select a node and its sub-nodes and move it to a different location in the site map.

This tool really does what it says on the tin. Compared to version 4’s sitemap editor it is well polished and the drag drop features provided by Silverlight work brilliantly. I typically don’t enjoy manually altering the XML behind the sitemap. I tend to miss nodes or attributes out and get errors when importing back to CRM and I’m a developer! So, I can imagine consultants must find it a pain. Well this tool would allow consultants to easily make all the typical sitemap customisations through a graphical user interface.

Sitemap Editor
Sitemap Editor Configuration

Using this tool I simply created a new tab called Awesome Applications. Within that tab I created a Group and a link within the group to the BBC website. The tool allowed me to set up multilingual titles and descriptions. I set my custom icons and placed privileges on to the accessibility of the BBC link. Looking at the tool you can even set the HTML help pages!

Sitemap Editor
Nav Settings
Sitemap Editor
Nav Settings

Once saved and published you can refresh your browser and see your changes in their full glory.

Sitemap Customisations
Sitemap Customisations

While using the tool I did note down the following minor issues.

  • The application sometimes mistakes a single click for a Drag Drop.
  • It would be nice to have a section that allows you to append JavaScript to the navigation buttons.
  • It would be nice to be able to save and publish at the same time.
  • Tab names don’t automatically change to represent the new title given. The Silverlight application needs to be refreshed to pick these changes up.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sitemap Editor
The installation of the application is a simple solution import.
The product does exactly what it says on the tin.
Value for Money
It's a free downloadable tool
Theres just a few minor niggles that would be nice to get ironed out.
The options exposed by this tool speak for themselves but a PDF document is available that explains how to use the application.
A fantastic tool that will save developers and consultants time when altering the sitemap



I have opened up on a discussion on the sitemap editor. If you want to share your experiences you can add your opinion here.

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